Faux Fur Anti-Anxiety Dog & Cat Donut Bed Couch

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Your furry friend will love every minute of his sleep!

If you’re a pet parent, chances are you already consider your pet a bona fide member of the family. While the importance of keeping your dog/cat well-fed and healthy is widely understood, there’s some leniency shown usually when it comes to ensuring your furry friends comfortable & quality sleep.

This self-warming luxury donut bed is the best and most appropriate snoozing spot for your pooch and kitty. It’s exactly what it sounds like: plush, comfy, furry, and large enough for your pet to spread their body. The donut couch will make your dog snuggle down into the faux shag fur, reminding him of his mother’s fur and effectively clearing up anxiety or whatever’s keeping him low-spirited. Say goodbye to furniture covered in fur from your mutt or kitty sleeping over it. Give them a resting place that promotes quality slumber and makes them love you even more!

Serves both as a headrest and hair containment measure.

  • Made from high-grade faux fiber fur
  • Soft, breathable and lightweight
  • Anti-skid bottom keeps the couch in place
  • Makes for a nice décor item & pairs well with existing furniture
  • Mechanical wash – comes out as good as new
  • Spacious enough to accommodate small, medium & large furry friends
  • Available in 5 different sizes
  • Colors: Pink/Coffee