LED Glowing USB Charging Dog Collar

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Now them dark early nights are upon us it's time to keep your dog safe during evening walks. Make your dog visible to motorists well in advance with our LED dog collar - This Could save your dogs life!

This LED dog collar gives your dog GREAT visibility at night, improving both you and your dogs evening walks. Not only will your dog be visible to motorists, cyclists, pedestrians and more; you'll be able to find your pet if they decide to wonder off! Perfect in all weather conditions; water repellent,, rust proof, strong, durable and built to last. Unlike most cheap collars our's feature a USB chargeable battery (cable included) which will last for multiple walks.


✅ LED powered collar - High visibility, designed to help you and others see your dog inn the dark.

✅ Waterproof design - Great for all weather conditions.

✅ Three flash mode - Click once for a quick flash, second click slow flash, third click steady light.

✅ USB rechargeable - Simply plug in using the supplied cable and charge!

✅ Multiple Colors - Available in five highly luminescent colors.