PETHUT Windbreaker Lightweight Yellow Raincoat

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The Windbreaker Yellow Raincoat is the perfect combination of suitable and stylish! These 100% waterproof coats are designed to not only keep your pooch dry but ensure they are comfortable and ready for any adventure! These are constructed with a premium polyester blend for a long-lasting life span and have elastic arms that are perfect for when your pup grows! The raincoats are also 100% breathable so they are comfortable in all weather conditions which makes them a great all-year-round essential! 

Lightweight Yellow Raincoat is designed for the cold, wet, early mornings and evenings, ensuring your pup is dry, warm, and visible to everyone! Completely water-resistant and will keep your dog safe and dry in all weather conditions.  It can use a wrung-out wet cloth to wipe the surface of the raincoat. It's machine washable. This designer jacket is equipped with the latest wind-breaking technology and combined with cuffed arms and button closure, which makes it guaranteed to fit any breed of dog, regardless of size.


  • Waterproof - light or heavy rain? It doesn't matter, your furry friend is covered!
  • Premium polyester blend - ensuring the longevity of your pup's coat! 
  •  Elasticated arms - the cuffs are embedded with elastic which means extra space as your pup grows and a tailored-like fit!